Learn the basics of a booking listing

How to manage the calendar

The listing calendar can be viewed and managed both on the listing page of the website (when you are logged in) by clicking edit, and from your dashboard by clicking on your listing from the listing tab, and then click edit.

It’s possible to select a date range and block or unblock it by clicking on the corresponding button.

How to sync availability with other calendars

Each listing will have a Booking Import URL field that accepts ICS links and a Booking Export URL field that allows you to copy the listing ICS link.

For example, if you copy the Google Calendar ICS link to the Booking Import URL field in the listing form, this listing will block dates that are not available in Google Calendar. Similarly, copying the listing’s  Booking Export URL link to the Google Calendar settings will block dates that are not available in the listing calendar.
Please note that there may be a different sync frequency depending on the platform. For example, Google Calendar has no guaranteed sync frequency, while Airbnb syncs the calendar every 2 hours

How to manage booking requests

You can choose manual except booking requests. If this choice in not checked then the booking will be automatically confirmed. 

If the manual booking requests are enabled, then bookings must be either accepted or declined manually. Since bookings are fully integrated with WordPress content, the built-in WordPress statuses correspond to the following booking stages:

  • Published – A booking is paid and confirmed.
  • Draft – A booking request is accepted, but is not paid.
  • Pending – A booking request is received and must be processed.
  • Trash – A booking is canceled.

How to add booking attributes

It’s possible to add custom booking attributes in the Bookings > Attributes section. This way you can add custom fields to the booking form (e.g. to require extra details from users) and display the field values within a few areas of the booking page.

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